For over twenty years, Jane has worked professionally designing and creating gardens throughout Melbourne and Victoria.  She creates personalised, environmentally sustainable, beautiful gardens with year round appeal, in the appropriate style of your property.  Her garden designs can incorporate practical, productive, edible, Australian or exotic styles to suit your home or business and she is experienced in historic garden restoration, vegetable garden development and contemporary garden design.

A personalised consultation with Jane is $480.   She will spend several hours with you in your garden/home, listening to your ideas and discussing possibilities; then she will send you a written report with recommendations, appropriate contacts and detailed information.

For an additional fee, Jane can provide

  • CAD plans to scale of your property with proposed changes or a new design

  • a planting and landscape material list with costings

  • a maintenance manual for your garden

  • project management of any landscape work required

  • access to an extensive range of high quality plants

  • plant up a new garden for you or with you

  • Preparation and/or submission of landscape plans for council planning permit

 The costs depend on the work involved.